Horse Teeth

by La De Les

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All previous La De Les' records incorporate both acoustic and electronic music and musical instruments. For Horse Teeth, The La De Les' endeavored to cut their acoustic electric sound in half. The first two songs, "But When He Saw the Wind He Was Afraid" and "I Imagine I," are fully orchestrated, acoustic compositions. There are no electronic musical elements or instruments used in their composition. The final two songs are noise, electronic remixes of the previous two orchestral, acoustic songs. All of the sounds used in the remixes can be found in the acoustic, orchestral songs. They have been chopped up, reversed, effected, sped up, slowed down, bit-crushed, distorted, and rearranged to be entirely different works. Horse Teeth took over a year to complete and has been one of the most challenging and rewarding records The La De Les' has produced.


released January 8, 2013

Music by The La De Les
String and Horn arrangements by Jocelyn Nicolas
Noise arrangements by Aaron James Nicolas
Written and recorded at Charisma House
Analog tape recordings were done at The Record Co.
Record Co. engineering was assisted by Matthew McArthur
Engineered and mixed by Aaron James Nicolas at Charisma House
Mastered by T.W. Walsh
Album artwork by Sara Wilson
Musical guests include: Olivia Guetle (cello), Alicen Tisch (violin), Michael Molnar (alto saxophone), Jennifer Dunn (trumpet), and Timbre (harp).



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


La De Les Mansfield, Ohio

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Track Name: But When He Saw the Wind He Was Afraid
The Prophet walked on the water to show that we don't need footprints to follow. I've been cutting myself with stones from fallen high place with mercy seats overgrown. I hear the voices calling, "The mountains shall be laid low." The devil wants bread from all these stones. I hear the voices calling.
Track Name: I Imagine I
We've flowed along for too long now in this stream. Raised by a current to chase all our dreams away. Keep through your day and forget about a change to make, 'cause if you make time, I'll make time to have. 'cause maybe I'm not the one to find their faith in someone's Son 'cause I'm brave am enough (I'm not brave enough). I imagine I am a better lie 'cause if I don't belong I can't tell.