by La De Les

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"Carlo," was written in February, 2012, the month following the devastating loss of La De Les' former drummer, Sara Holbert. Finding Sara's unique rhythmic style irreplaceable, The La De Les decided to abandon the Rock emphasis of their previous albums for electronic soundscapes, drum machines, looping, trance synthesizers, and drone music beds. It marks a significant step in the development of the La De Les' sound. It is The La De Les' most personal record, exploring themes of guilt, loss, depression, insanity, lust and hope. The album's title "Carlo," is a reference to Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." It is the pseudonym Kerouac gives to Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. It is one of many references to the Beat Generation and its traditions throughout the record.


released April 20, 2012

"Carlo" by The La De Les
Written and recorded at Charisma House
Engineered and mixed by Aaron James Nicolas
Mastered at Driftwood audio by Andy Carballeria

Special thanks to the Ritenour family for allowing us to use their home theater



all rights reserved


La De Les Mansfield, Ohio

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Track Name: Too Small of Hands
My brother thought that he was free and gave into his company 'cause love you spend time measuring is only worth abandoning too small of hands for all the things that you've taken your wife's in bed 'cause now she feels old when she's naked and I guess there's just no sense in leavin' a prison for a prison now we're asking everything by asking nothing now we're risking everything by risking nothing now we're giving everything by giving nothing
Track Name: Pt. Two Small of Hands
Your nerves are as calm as dust your pulse wakes the giant up oh the emptiness that comes when best friends love isn't deep enough from sister to stranger before you gave us an answer one night I hope you arrive with news of miracles or a loss of pride 'cause you can't say you're alright.
Track Name: The Sulfur Baths
Cowards, they hide between slow clicking of the keys 'til their ribbon's dry. Your mind was all that changed, a breeze on a weathervane toward the sulfur spring. Oh well, never mind. You ran away to bleed it dry. Oh well, it hurt a lot. We've heard the talk, but we don't have a lot to go on. We don't have a lot.
Track Name: Into the Ground
Your vow was priced at paint that's thin, a family, a beat that's dim. You knew that she would still love you. An explicit plan from unpunished thoughts, for one whole year we watched you crawl. You were the dust on our shoes. You knew she'd still love you. Into the ground.
Track Name: Carlo
Your servant's on his knees. He gives praise to new kings with short breaths and pale smoke, a loose grip and dry throat, your head in his head. He swallows the pleasure of secrets. How are you feeling, Carlo?
Track Name: Glass Wall
You seemed so well on the other side of the glass wall. Do you know we are watching you pretending? You seemed so well on the other side of the glass wall. Do you know why we aren't talking or pretending? You call it loving, we call it lying.